Court Schedule Notes:

  1. Players must sign the waiver before every use (once per day) including the parking lot courts. Place suggested donations in the slot below the sign-in sheet. Please donate!
  2. Church side (south) serves first.
  3. Memberships are available for $30 per year June – Nov or $15 for half-year Dec – May. The Pickleball year runs June 1 – May 31.
  4. Daily suggested donation is $2 for members/minors and $4 for non-members – this includes the parking lot courts.
  5. Tokens are available at The Pickle Barrel when it is open or via Board Members. (Members 12 for $20. Non-members 5 for $20)
  6. During “open play” : (a) Play is “winners stay for 2 games” when less than six players are waiting. (b) “4 on, 4 off” when 6 or more people are waiting.
  7. Lessons fill up. To reserve a space for beginner lessons, please contact Richard Deane. To reserve a space for Friday clinics, please contact Bob Blanco. Players without a reservation may be turned away when classes are full.
  1. Lessons may only occur on the “parking lot courts” (unless on calendar), the same waiver and donation rules apply.
  2. Courts may be closed at times due to special church services. Thanks for understanding!
  3. Player Levels range from 1.0 (beginner) to 5.0 (best there is). Beginners are “new” and still learning fundamentals.
  4. Please play only your skill level times when there are 6 or more of that level at the courts.
  5. Please honor scheduled Skill Level times. If six or more players at the scheduled skill level are on the courts, they have priority. Consider coming back at your scheduled skill level or during Open Play hours.