Support Our Courts

Support Pickleball in the Village!

Help us continue bringing public pickleball to the heart of Carlsbad

Welcome to St. Michael’s Pickleball! We are a community oriented group whose mission is to provide a fun outdoor activity in the form of pickleball to the residents, tourists and other visitors of Carlsbad. We are located on Carlsbad Blvd. in the heart of Carlsbad Village. We are currently the only dedicated outdoor pickleball courts open to the public in all of Carlsbad!

As part of the process in obtaining a Provisional Use Permit for our courts, the City has asked for us to provide public commentary supporting our application. This is where we need you! We are requesting that anyone who likes having pickleball in the Village write a letter in support of St. Michael’s Pickleball, advocating that the City approve our application for a Provisional Use Permit.

St. Michael’s Pickleball benefits everyone. It provides a home for local pickleball enthusiasts. It provides a fun outdoor activity tourists can enjoy while visiting Carlsbad. And it supports the local businesses in the Village by drawing locals and visitors to the Village which they may not have done otherwise.

Below you will find some tips for things you’ll want to include in your letter. You will also find sample letters you can download and use. We encourage everyone to speak from their hearts and share their feelings. Feel free to modify one of the sample letters to to include your personal experience at St. Michael’s. We only ask that you declare your support for the approval of the permit!

Ideas for Your Letters to the City

  • If you are writing your own letter to the City, please consider the following ideas to include in your letter.
  • Include the relevant permit application numbers in your letter. See the top section of one of the sample letters. You can copy and paste these if you wish.
  • Clearly declare your support for the approval of the permit. For example: “I am writing in full support of the project and advocating to allow for continuing existing pickleball use, with no modifications or limitations.”
  • Describe how the courts benefit you personally.
  • Mention how often you play pickleball at St. Michaels and how that brings you into the Village.
  • If you find the St. Michael’s Pickleball is welcoming to the public and a good neighbor to surrounding residents and businesses, include that in your letter.
  • Include any other activities you enjoy while in the village. For example, going to the beach, visit shops, go out for food or drinks. Please include the names of any businesses you frequent.
  • Sign your letter and include your name and address. It doesn’t matter if you are a Carlsbad resident or not. It is useful for the City to see that the courts both serve local residents and bring residents of surrounding areas into the Village.

Sample Letters to Download

Where to send your letters:

Time is very short and we need to deliver the first round of letters to the City by Monday April 9th. If at all possible, sign your letter and drop it by the courts. If no one is there collection letters, simply drop it in the Paddle Drop slot on the door (not the money slot). We will collect all the signed letters and deliver them to the City on Monday afternoon.

Where to email your letters if you can’t drop them off:

Signed letters are always more impactful, but if you aren’t able to drop it off, please email your letter directly to the City Planner at the email address below. Important: Always CC St. Michael’s Pickleball so we have a copy of your letter. We want to make sure your letter isn’t lost! Email address listed below: